Pumpkin Head

Kindergarten teachers are the best! They come up with some of the most fun and quirky things for kids to do. Just a, “What the hell lets see what this will do”, kind of thing. Like sending home pumpkin seeds in plastic bags with wet cotton balls. o0o0o0o let’s see what these will do!! HELLO, THEY MAKE PUMPKIN PLANTS!!

Of course the damn thing sprouted and now I have this vine thingy to do something with. Oh and if that sucker dies my son will never let me hear the end of it! NEVER!! Btw, I have a horrible black thumb so I have a hard time keeping plants alive. Oh and not to mention where am I going to plant this when it gets bigger and majorly viney. 😦 YAY!

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Speech writing

Next week I am to be Mistress of Ceremonies for an event with my daughters youth organization and I am a little on the frustrated side trying to come up with a speech. This is the first time I have ever had to do something like this and I am not even sure were the heck to start. I am not even sure if I am supposed to open thanking everyone or not. I really should have paid better attention to these in the past. Ugh 😦

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I finished NaBloPoMo! Whew! It is the first time I was actually able to finish the entire month and I really feel good about the accomplishment 🙂 Now I just need to use this momentum to keep me blogging into the future!

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It rained here most of last night and this morning, and the clouds have yet to clear. So it is chilly, gray and wet outside making it a perfect day for snuggling and cuddling under blankets. We have chili simmering in the slow cooker, the kids are working on painting, and I am getting a lot of work done on one of my many projects. The only downside, hubby was up all night and morning sick, he caught himself a stomach bug. 😦

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Happy Thanksgiving

The title says it all! I hope you all enjoyed your day!

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Today I thought to make candied almonds for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I failed! 😦 I take pride in my abilities for baking and candy making so when my almonds came out burnt I almost wanted to cry. I was trying a new recipe and it didn’t say how to tell when it was done so I guessed and obviously guessed wrong. I am going to try one more batch before bed and hopefully that one comes out happier. 🙂

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Fun Day With Dad

The hubby stayed home today to take the kids to Disneyland and we ended up at California Adventure. We took a few pics so I thought I would share. 🙂

I tried to get as much of the Christmas tree as possible and that wasn’t much.
They rode a couple rides and then played around in the campground.


Where they met Doug the dog from Up. We decided to ride the Grizzly Run which has the warning you will get wet, you may get soaked, we got soaked. Which pretty much ended our day since our son was über uncomfortable. We did make a stop at Disneyland but they were so packed it wasn’t worth it to stay. We are very lucky to have passes that way we do not feel obligated to stay all day.

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Rush, forget, ugh

Oh yeah I just remembered that I need to do a post. My mind has been on one track today, hunting down items for a big craft project, and nothing else seems to enter into the equation. Not even the fact that my daughter had swimming practice, I remembered about 30 minutes after she was supposed to be there. Having the kids home isn’t helping anything they are seriously throwing off my schedule. Hopefully our day will go better tomorrow. 🙂

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Busy Day

Today consisted of several loads of laundry, hand making 60 invitations, working on finishing a blanket I am crocheting and babysitting or my cousin. I am tired.

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Water Take Me Away

In the Zodiac Gemini’s are air signs.  This means that elementally speaking Gemini’s have a stronger connection to air and all of its properties.  I am a Gemini and for the most part air terrifies me.  A gentle breeze is nice and all but I have lived 10 of my 36 years in Oklahoma where a gentle breeze can whip up into a tornado given the right weather patterns.  Patterns that tend to happen a lot in Oklahoma.

I think that I should have been born under a water sign, really going to have to take that up with my mom, because I am so freaking in love with the water it might be a little unnatural.  The beach is my favorite.  I love standing on the edge of the ocean and feeling the power that surrounds you there.  The ebb and flow of the tides is so relaxing and calming I can easily slip into a meditative state.

My connection to water is a healing one for me.  I know that no matter how crappy I am feeling that if I am able to spend some time in the water I will come out feel rejuvenated.  I cannot say the same about standing in the middle of a windstorm.  Now I am sitting here wondering what my point to all of this was, I know I had one when I sat down and now my brain is just rambling.  Hmm coffee.





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