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No Soda Lifestyle

One of the main reasons I have a hard time losing weight is my soda consumption. So I have decided to cut it out of my life. Yesterday was the first day and it went really good! Today is another … Continue reading

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Holiday Blues

My in laws started decorating the house for Christmas today. We had the kids put up the ornaments on the tree and it looks beautiful, even the straight line of ornaments my son hung up. All of it has made … Continue reading

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Nail Biting

If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be? Nail biting. It is a nasty habit I have had for as long as I remember. I have tried many times to quit and have only … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

I haven’t posted on my blog for quite some time and am not really sure what my hang up was all about since I have had plenty to chat about.  So I decided to do something drastic.  I have decided … Continue reading

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