No Soda Lifestyle

One of the main reasons I have a hard time losing weight is my soda consumption. So I have decided to cut it out of my life. Yesterday was the first day and it went really good! Today is another story though, I haven’t had a soda but I am craving them. It’s the sugar I am craving and I am trying very hard not only to not give in to the soda craving but also to not hunt down sugary foods to try to calm the craving. Because really what good would it do me to give up a sugary drink to just eat more sugar. By the way, I am totally not giving up caffeine!! That is another beast for another time. Wish me luck and I will let you all know how the progress goes. πŸ™‚


About Kat

I am a youngish mother of two beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband. I am happily back in my glorious California and excited about our new start new. Since I am relatively new to the blogging thing so bear with me but hey if you like some of what I say share and share often.
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10 Responses to No Soda Lifestyle

  1. diahannreyes says:

    Good for you. I went on a sugar cleanse almost two years ago and it changed my life.

  2. umadyet says:

    In the late 90’s I was 370 pounds+. One of the biggest things that lead to my weight loss then was cutting out the non-diet drinks. Granted I was 4 liters apx a day at the time. It wasn’t too hard for me to switch to the diet. From there the consumption went down. Still have things I could do to be healthier now, however keeping away from that was huge! (or not as huge actually!)

    Good luck and keep it up. It will be easier each day.

  3. Khushbo says:

    Hang in there you can do it! πŸ™‚

  4. qrparker says:

    But how will you get your daily recommended three billions grams of sugar per day?

    • Kat says:

      That is actually the hardest part. I still crave the sugar I get from the soda and have to fight the urge to find it in something else. 😦

  5. I cut out the soda aka my choice of sugar is/was PEPSI! The first time I did this I was only 29 years old at the time and in three months with limited exercise lost 60 pounds. Well, now over 40 and life is just not that easy. I still try to abstain from soda but have to do lots more work to lose the weight. If you can do this it does help a lot, as the calories are so high in that. Plus, how good can it be for anyone since it can take paint off a car-imagine what it does to our bodies!! Good luck to you:)

  6. Don’t let your taste buds fool you! Sugar feeds a bacteria, Candida, that becomes parasitic and overtakes your body with health problems if you consume too much. Thrush, obesity, yeast infections, digestion problems…cutting out soda is a great step to healthy insides!

  7. I used to drink at least 2 Diet Cokes per day, but I’ve tried to cut down. It’s definitely difficult at first. I try to only drink it once a week now, which has been going pretty well. I feel a lot better not drinking it. Good luck!

  8. I never used to drink soda and would drink only water. But in the past year, I (strangely) started craving Diet Coke. Now I’ve got a nasty little 1 – 2 cans a day habit. Meh. I wish you all the best with your quitting!

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