Pumpkin Head

Kindergarten teachers are the best! They come up with some of the most fun and quirky things for kids to do. Just a, “What the hell lets see what this will do”, kind of thing. Like sending home pumpkin seeds in plastic bags with wet cotton balls. o0o0o0o let’s see what these will do!! HELLO, THEY MAKE PUMPKIN PLANTS!!

Of course the damn thing sprouted and now I have this vine thingy to do something with. Oh and if that sucker dies my son will never let me hear the end of it! NEVER!! Btw, I have a horrible black thumb so I have a hard time keeping plants alive. Oh and not to mention where am I going to plant this when it gets bigger and majorly viney. đŸ˜¦ YAY!


About Kat

I am a youngish mother of two beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband. I am happily back in my glorious California and excited about our new start new. Since I am relatively new to the blogging thing so bear with me but hey if you like some of what I say share and share often.
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