Not a Good Day

There is only so many “I hate you”‘s and ” Your mean”‘s and “Your the worst mommy ever”‘s before a person will break. I am at that breaking point with my kids. I know this crap is part of growing up but that last time I checked, mother or not, I am still a human being with feelings. Right now those feelings are hurt and bleeding spilt all over the floor.


About Kat

I am a youngish mother of two beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband. I am happily back in my glorious California and excited about our new start new. Since I am relatively new to the blogging thing so bear with me but hey if you like some of what I say share and share often.
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4 Responses to Not a Good Day

  1. Kim13 says:

    Hugs…I know that feeling too well. More hugs.

  2. Aiming for Simplicity says:

    Sending hugs…those days go nicely with, “I’ll raise my kids properly”, “you’re such a bitch” and “I want a new family” it will get better, not sure when, but it will! Chin up!!

  3. nodimlight says:

    Oh man. I know that feeling. I think about the times I told my mo those same things- and never meant one bit. Sometimes that makes me feel better.

  4. ):!! Oh, now I’m dreading my kids at that age and feeling terrible for all the times I ever said something like that to my mom…! It’s easy to say they’ll grow out of it, but there are a lot of hurt feelings between then and now…

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