knit 1 purl 1

I got a couple of really fantastic coupons for Michaels in the mail today.  Michaels is a craft and hobby store which I absolutely love and could easily spend copious amounts of money there.  I Love crafts!!  Crocheting being top on the list but I have also done knitting, cake decorating, embroidering, scrapbooking, jewelry making and origami with the odd ball crafts in between.  I know how to weave a basket both with reed and a coil.  I love crafts!!

I have contemplated opening an Etsy store but I can never seem to get a stock built up because I am giving it all away.  That and the fact that I don’t like the idea of giving a portion of my earnings away.  I would love nothing more than to be able to make a living doing the crafts that I love.  Unfortunately, it is a difficult thing to make money at.  Most of the time you can find supplies relatively inexpensive but if you would charge for the time you put into a project you could never get your money’s worth.  Which is something my husband points out to me every time I bring the subject up.

Well I know where I am going this weekend to redeem my coupons.  I have been thinking about trying my hand at candlemaking.  Hmmm


About Kat

I am a youngish mother of two beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband. I am happily back in my glorious California and excited about our new start new. Since I am relatively new to the blogging thing so bear with me but hey if you like some of what I say share and share often.
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2 Responses to knit 1 purl 1

  1. Nora says:

    I love Michael’s, too. Very inspiring but also very addicting place. I try not to go there too often because I know I will buy something if I do!

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