Where the Magic Begins

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

I have a WordPress app on my iPad which I use to do about 99% of my posts. So I can blog from anywhere I have an internet connection. Right now I am sitting on my couch, in the living room, sipping Starbucks and contemplating what needs to get done for the day. I worry that I have become too attached to my iPad and if something ever happened to it I might be lost. As it is the poor thing is a 1st generation and sadly is becoming obsolete. 😦 When it finally happens I will have to convince my hubby that yes we most absolutely need a new iPad because my brain might melt without it. Hmmm I wonder if that argument would work?


About Kat

I am a youngish mother of two beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband. I am happily back in my glorious California and excited about our new start new. Since I am relatively new to the blogging thing so bear with me but hey if you like some of what I say share and share often.
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3 Responses to Where the Magic Begins

  1. K J says:

    I use my extremely outdated laptop for all of my work. The wifi drops out every two minutes, the battery only lasts 30 minutes and the actual laptop overheats extremely quickly burning my lap. However, it is my baby and the machine I’ve written some of my best work on so I will continue to use it until it blows up.

    I tend to write in my little alcove by my bookcase. This is good because it is quite and has a very literary atmosphere but bad because I usually get distracted by my books. πŸ˜›

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