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Moving Along

A week ago today at 2:33pm my uncle was pronounced dead. I wasn’t particularly close to him however have a good relationship with my cousins. I was there to help them through the day as they had been told it … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep Frustration

My kiddos 1st day of school is tomorrow, hmm or rather later today, and I can’t sleep! This always happens when I have to wake up for something out of the normal. 1st day of school, mommy will get you … Continue reading

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iPods and Toilets Oh My

So the girl child learned a very important lesson today … Don’t take your iPod into the bathroom!! She managed to drop her iPod into the toilet and then she blamed it on me!?! See we have a running joke … Continue reading

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Missing My Sunday

Want to know how to lose an entire day? Eat a heavy lunch and then lay down. Yup totally did that today and now here it is after 6 pm and I have managed to accomplish nothing. Not that I … Continue reading

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