How to begin again?

It has been so long since I have posted on here that I can’t even say I have a blog.  Trying to turn that leaf over.  Working on post ideas and planning to re activate the whole blog thing.  Such me luck 🥰

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Complete disregard for my own goals

I had given up soda and fast food last March and have been doing really great with it! Until I started back to work. Between the suddenness of having started the job (I was called Tuesday and asked if I could start the very next say) and the stress of everything that was left in limbo when I started, I have fallen off the wagon. Very far and very hard off the wagon. 😦 I am going to have to figure something out though because I certainly do not want to gain the weight I have loss so far back and am afraid of putting on more. I need to lose so much weight I certainly do not need to sabotage myself.

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I try I really try

So today I was leaving work, oh by the way I am back to work, so I was leaving work and was piecing together a blog post as I walked to my car. Then I laughed because it would be about the millionth post I have put together in my head only to get involved with something else and completely forgetting said post. So yay! I remembered to do a post. 🙂

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Bad Luck vs. No Luck

Have you ever heard the saying “If it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all”? This is how I feel about my car right now. I have a 2002 Honda Accord and I love her. She has over 260,000 well earned miles and up until last September she ran fine but then I took her in for a Smog test and that was where the problems started.

She passed the smog no problems but the mechanic, someone my father in law trusted so I went there, found several leaks and made it sound like the car would disintegrate if I didn’t get them fixed. I talked with the hubby and we decided to get them fixed. $1500 later I pick up my car and now there are other issues. My power steering was make a horrible noise and was fighting me plus the idle was way off. So I took it back up there because the power steering was part of the $1500 I had fixed and of course it wasn’t anything they did but there was a new list of things that needed to be fixed. Huh?? Didn’t you just fix all that was wrong?? Well, I decided to live with the issues for a while as we didn’t have the money and then she started to overheat.

At this point I am pissed because I felt like the repair shop I took her to screwed me so we took her somewhere else and had her checked out. They told us that it looked like someone stepped on the radiator!! Oh and the power steering that was replaced with a new part but still didn’t work, that would be because they tried to repair it, did a crap job and didn’t put the new part I paid for in her. Ok, so we get the radiator fixed, still dealing with the power steering because we still don’t really have the money but I did march my happy butt over to the other repair shop and got my money back for the part.

So all is good for a while until she needs her oil changed and they notice there is a hole in my radiator hose. Ok, well I can’t go around with a hole in that so go ahead and fix it. Later that day she starts to over heat again. Ugh!!! Pulling my freaking hair out OMG!!! I call a friend of mine since it is to late to take her to a shop and he discovers a hole in the heater hose. Easy fix he says but I need to do it at my uncles shop. Ok, we go the next day and she got so hot and mad before I got there I was almost I tears afraid she would seize! He fixes my heater hose no biggie and I have a sigh of relief.

Now I understand that she is old and there is going to be a lot of extra maintaining for instance the brakes need to be replaced again and so do the tires but those things all take money, money we don’t have. Well she has decided to take matters in her own hands one piece at a time this time it was my front passenger tire that decided to go flat about 5 minutes after every tire store in the universe has closed for day. 😦

I am so frustrated that everything has decided to go wrong with her one after another and I still haven’t gotten the power steering fixed!!

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Spring Break

Today started the kids spring break. The girl child started it off by going to a weekend camp. Now I just need to figure out some fun and interactive things to do for the rest of the week. Museums, parks, beaches, so on and so forth. 🙂

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No Soda Lifestyle

One of the main reasons I have a hard time losing weight is my soda consumption. So I have decided to cut it out of my life. Yesterday was the first day and it went really good! Today is another story though, I haven’t had a soda but I am craving them. It’s the sugar I am craving and I am trying very hard not only to not give in to the soda craving but also to not hunt down sugary foods to try to calm the craving. Because really what good would it do me to give up a sugary drink to just eat more sugar. By the way, I am totally not giving up caffeine!! That is another beast for another time. Wish me luck and I will let you all know how the progress goes. 🙂

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A Continuing Steam of Ugh

So I started my morning off realizing I forgot to put my husband’s work pants in the dryer yesterday. Not a big deal, threw them in while he was in the shower and they were ready for him. Then I discovered I forgot to send in the order form for my daughters 8th grade promotion pictures. Ok, not a huge deal, I will try to contact the company and get the payment to them. Then I went to gather my son’s uniform stuff for school and guess who forgot to wash white shirts for their son’s uniform? Yep that would be me. So nearly everything I had to get done yesterday fell through the cracks. In my defense I was with my husband dealing with his surgical consult for a hernia. So I have a little bit of an excuse.

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Ugh To The Max

I would love to tell you all that the reason I haven’t been posting is because I am uber busy but I do try my best not to lie. Truth is I have been incredibly lazy. I mean I have stuff that keeps me busy but I have some time to create posts. I dunno, just being lazy. So to combat some of that I have put wordpress on my phone. YAY!!!! So now I can blog anytime anywhere! Let’s see if that helps with the laziness. 🙂

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What holidays?

Hello everyone out there in the Internet ether!! No I have not disappeared or anything much more tragic. I am just recovering from the holidays. Phew December and January have both kicked my butt!! Between both of my kids birthdays in December, rushed planning in the youth organization my daughter is involved with with lots of last minute decisions and changes, and then traveling to Oklahoma to visit family for Christmas December was just a blur. Now January seems to be doing the same. Meetings, photo shoots, my oldest has finals this week, swimming 3 times a week and so much more that I am forgetting because let’s face it I only have so much brain capacity. I am looking forward to a weekend where I have nothing going on. The forecast doesn’t look good for February so far.

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Holiday Blues

My in laws started decorating the house for Christmas today. We had the kids put up the ornaments on the tree and it looks beautiful, even the straight line of ornaments my son hung up. All of it has made me quite sad though. I am not sure if I mentioned this before or not but this last summer we lost everything. We had a storage unit we were using until we could get a place of our own and it was broken into. They took everything. How they managed to pull a truck up to the door and clear everything out without anyone seeing anything boggles the mind.

So at times like this I am reminded that all my mementoes are gone. As we were decorating the tree I was thinking about all my family ornaments that are gone. They were all the ornaments I had collected over the years, all of the ornaments my mom and dad had collected, and all the ornaments my grandmother had collected. I am devastated thinking about all the family heirlooms that were probably just tossed in a dumpster somewhere. I know that in time it will get easier but these first holidays are becoming more and more difficult.

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